Deep Cove Massage & Wellness​

60 minute non registered Massage $75

90 minute non registered Massage $90

​plus GST

Standard pricing for RMT Massage

Non Registered Massage Therapy 


60 minute Registered Massage Therapy $105

90 minute Registered Massage Therapy $155

plus GST

 RMT receipt is given for you to submit to your insurance provider

Registered Massage Therapy in Deep Cove North Vancouver

​RMT Maternity massage                             

fully supported maternity cushion​​

It is so important to take care of your body during this beautiful time leading into motherhood. The maternity cushion allows full support around the hips and waist allowing the mother to be time to lay face down without pressure on the stomach or breasts.  A sequence called "The Sun and Moon" which is a gentle and soothing massage for the growing baby in later trimester. Massage is tailored to specific needs.